Women Contentment Program

What is this program about?

This exclusive program for women is designed and developed after lot of research, interaction with women, men, families, to re-identify the skills & expertise, re-define the growth path, explore various opportunities available for each one of them to either work from home or get back to career. Most importantly, women to be content in life.

Who should attend?

Category (1) Women aspiring to identify and capitalize their Skills/Expertise/Passion

  • C-Suite Executives/Leaders/Think tanks
  • Aspiring C-Suite Professionals
  • Managers
  • Mid-level managers aspiring to senior levels
  • Fresher Employees with Leadership Aspiration

Category (2) Women who are prone to take a break in their career

Like it or not, women are prone to take a break in their career due to family, personal, health, marriage, pregnancy, childbirth and childcare. If they plan well ahead before taking a break, it will be easier for them to re-enter their professional life from where they left or start something that makes them feel content. SLN Brand Studio offers a customized program to help such women to plan their life well.

Category (3) Women who have taken a break in their career, now want to get back to the industry or pursue their dreams

For the reasons mentioned in Category (2), women take a break from their career for various reasons, but unable to resume due to lack of support, improper planning, struggle to manage their time and balance work and household responsibilities.
During interaction with women from various educational background, work experience levels, we have identified that the struggle a lot to choose the right growth option after a break. Without any clarity or guidance, they have spent their time, effort and money into various options but end up doing nothing or feeling frustrated.
SLN Brand Studio has designed a program that will help these women to feel content in life by building an ability to resume a sustainable professional life.

Myth & Facts about Work from Home options:

  1. Women fall pray for advertisements that talk about earning easy money by spending few hours on internet
  2. Most of the ‘work from home’ providers don’t give clarity on the job the women are asked to do
  3. Freelancing opportunities are huge; women are advised to take up ‘content writing’ or ‘online trading’ or similar options without making them understand the intricacies involved or basic knowledge of Working from home, be it corporate role or your own, it requires meticulous planning, various soft/life skills and management abilities.

What are the overall benefit of attending various sessions of this program?

  • Gain clarity in thoughts
  • Build an ability to take the right decision for growth
  • Set, plan, implement and execute steps to achieve their goals
  • Identify the right work from home or career building opportunities
  • Plan, design and develop their growth path strategies
  • Become a ‘CEO’ of their life

How is the Program Structured?

The program is structured based on Each of you, aspiring women, and individual learning style in mind.
We have:
  • Workshops to create awareness on various career growth opportunities available (Work from home, Corporate, Industries, Jobs, etc.,)
  • Effective ways to reach out to such opportunities
  • Training sessions to cater to the different skill enhancement needs of the individuals in order to compete with the common pool, develop their own career and succeed in what they want to do
  • One on one coaching session to enhance the decision-making ability of an Individual
  • One on one mentoring session to provide need base guidance

How Unique is this program?

  • Limited standardized procedures, more of customized and tailor made approaches
  • Connecting with the latest developments, trends and necessities for rapid growth
  • Focus more on enhancing the thinking, planning and decision making ability of the attendee through various processes, the growth of the individual can be achieved seamlessly
  • Customized based on the learning ability & style of the attendee that helps in reaching the goal appropriately

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