Nishta – Demystifying Leadership

The definition of Leadership - like Success, Scaling up, and Growth - is individualized.

Each one of us brings different flavours, shapes, sizes, and shades of leadership traits through our actions and aspirations.

Leadership – A few Words from the Host, Suba Lakshminarasimhan This positive-sounding, energy-boosting word brings in a lot of great thoughts and deeper learning. I get curious when I see Leadership in any form or shape. Right from the playgrounds where children play, roadside vendors manage various customers while interviewing professionals, managers, Executives, and CXOs; there is no end to learning when we keenly observe.

Different styles... Varied expectation as the world changes every minute... Along with technological advancement, a disruption...

Nishta is an initiative to share the leadership stories of Industry Stalwarts and Young Leaders. Designed to capture the essence from different walks of life, ensuring core takeaways for my audience. The intention is to bring in new perspectives and fresher learning.