Workplace Conflict Management Coaching

SLN’s Conflict Management Program addresses Inner Conflict, Interpersonal Conflict, and cross-cultural Group conflict. A piloted model takes the leaders and teams through a systematic process, addressing the root cause of the problems. The enabled solutions help improve team productivity, leading to sustainable growth for the organization in a long time.

Listen to the Podcast where Suba discusses conflict management in Offline, Virtual and Hybrid teams :

As an HR leader or a Senior Executive, have you observed ‘Empathy’ among your employees?

While addressing grievances, do you hear ‘bully’ or ‘emotional disturbance’ and ‘mental stress’?

If you are asked to define one problem that you face with your employees, does it have the word ‘conflict’ in it?

Let’s connect and discuss how we can resolve the conflicts together.

Our Coaching/Training program helps finding that beautiful ‘sweet spot’ to create a win-win as a tool for conflict resolution

See What our Clients Say

Suba Lakshminarasimhan is an embodiment of modern meeting traditional half-way. Her thought process and approach is deep-rooted in priceless culture but her constructs and outcomes are definitely modern. This unique blend puts Suba in a position to easily balance the external demands and internal constraints of her clients and deliver value when it comes to personal branding. She is adept at showcasing strengths through a unique content architecture, and her ability to connect with people with ease is amazing” – Martin A, Author, Sales Coach & Trainer

“Suba shares her wisdom on personal branding, making a winning formula to the community. Having attended her session, I found it to be extremely valuable, unique, intuitive and long-term oriented.” – Venkat Kumaresan, Assistant Vice President, Strategic Support, Exela Technologies