Personal Brand Management

SLN Brand Studio emphasizes the significance of considering ‘self’ as the ‘CEO’ of own life cycle. Personal branding will help in creating a brand image to maximise the credibility. We offer various training programs and consulting sessions to build your personal brand. Contact us now to learn more

Professional Brand Management

Creating a professional brand and mapping it along with the personal brand image give the systematic approach to career growth. The professional branding strategies come along with benefits in multitude. Our consulting sessions and brand development programs reach out to the key touch points that are essential for career and business success. Contact us now to learn more

Brand Management Quotient (BMQ) Model

Brand Management Quotient (BMQ) Model is designed based on various renowned personal and professional branding methodologies. The BMQ model practiced by SLN Brand Studio has customized Consulting and Training solutions to create the REAL IMPACT on people who undergo personal and professional branding sessions. Contact us now to learn more

Who can be Benefitted with the Personal and Professional Branding Programs with SLN Brand Studio?

  • CXO level professionals
  • Professionals with an entrepreneurial vision
  • Companies/Businesses/Start-ups/SMEs
  • Students
  • Women Workforce
  • Women conducting businesses/aiming at starting a business on their own.
The brand management program continues with the post consulting support. Contact us to learn more.