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Resume or CV is not a mere document, but a tool that helps to create and maintain “THE FIRST BEST IMPRESSION“. 

The professionals, 90% of our clients, get interviews calls within a week when they use a Resume prepared by SLN Brand Studio.

Yes, no kidding!

SLN Brand Studio bags accolades from candidates, be it any industry or various years of experience, especially the senior and ‘C’ level professionals, those who change careers/jobs, those with career breaks get a focused resume that saves their time in job searching processes.

SLN Resume Design Pro work on:

  • ‘C’ level/ CXO/ CFO/CTO/EVP/AVP/VP Resume
  • Top Management Resume
  • Middle Management Executive Resume
  • Executive Resume
  • Freshers Resume
  • Internship Resume
  • Student Resume (Campus Ready Candidates)
  • Professionals with a break in their career
  • Women coming back to corporate
  • Career/job/Industry change
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Curriculum Vitae Writing

Even though ‘curriculum vitae (CV)’ and ‘resume’, these two documents are differ in nature and purpose. CV is a detailed document, unlike Resume, mostly used in Academic Jobs, Educational Industries, Researches and Scientists.

Understand the difference between CV and Resume.

Beyond Writing CV and Resume - Specialities of SLN Brand Studio

Resume and CV writing process starts with delivering resume, but continues with guiding the professionals to identify their strengths & weaknesses, prepare them to face interviews, bring out the hidden talents and create a paradigm shift in the personal thought process.

  • “Gained confidence”
  • “Found out my weakness and how to convert it into my strength”
  • “Found a new me”
  • “I can now negotiate better”
  • “I learnt how to position myself well”

 These are one liner feedback we received from our clients in the recent times.


Resume Website

Resume website acts as your online portfolio that provides 2-way communication option. There are various options available to build your resume website.

Whom does Resume Website fit

  1. Individual consultants.
  2. Small Businesses with single business line.
  3. Professionals and entities interested in creating a personal brand image online.
  4. Professionals and entities interested in creating a professional brand image online.
  5. Planning to make a journey to Entrepreneurship and testing the waters.
  6. Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Musicians, Finance Professionals, Academicians, etc.,
  7. Individuals who want to create a social media presence through a single media and share among multiple media portals in a click.
  8. Who cannot afford building a high end website.
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Cover Letter

Cover letter is the key to open doors of many companies/businesses. An appropriately drafted cover letter makes the first impression as the best one. The employers tend to read your resume with additional interest and automatically professionally done resume leads to calling you for an interview. Get your cover letter done appropriately. Contact us NOW.

LinkedIn Profile Make over

  1. Do you know, employers and recruiters feel comfortable shortlisting candidates with an appropriately done LinkedIn Profile? Even though Resume gives them an idea about your skills, experience, etc., LinkedIn profile helps in identifying the other key qualities gives 360-degree view of a candidate. Make the best use of LinkedIn Personal Profile for your job search in India and other Geographies. LinkedIn is one space where one can create a personal and professional brand. You get to write in a formal tone but with lot of freedom to showcase your personality. Moreover, except LinkedIn profile, no other job search related portal gives the option of including a quote or your vision, Mission statement. Create a personal and professional brand by effectively using LinkedIn profile. Beyond updating your LinkedIn Profile, we also help keep your audience growing by posting regular blogs, updates, etc., Contact us to learn more