SPBQ –  PERSONAL BRANDING COACHING FOR SUSTAINABLE GROWTH Personal Branding is not exactly the ‘Noise’ one makes on ‘Social Media’ nor the mere executive outlook. Your profile, Social Media Handles’ are the Key Performance Indicators(KPIs), and the organization, job market and target market are the Key Result Areas (KRAs). So, what is Personal Branding? The ‘authentic you,’ the Perception you aspire to create in the Stakeholders mind (To Be) and the current impression you have created (As Is) and mapping the gap with the Market Expectation. Read it slowly….twice…. Yes….Action after creating a personal branding strategy is what will help you elevate your PB Equity. What are the key actions one needs to take to elevate the Personal Branding Quotient? What is the first step here? Why don’t you Join our Upcoming 1 Month Group Coaching Program? ENROLL NOW If you want speed up your growth, then, take one-on-one session with our Master Coach, Suba Lakshminarasimhan. CALL RIGHT AWAY – +91 9686942775  or  Fill the form below to fix an appointment


Potato Chips….many in the market. In 2002, Procter & Gamble wanted to make a difference

A.G. Lafley (CEO) wanted more…started brainstorming

Someone suggested different printing images in the chips. Printing images in the dough before frying resulted in broken pieces.

Why not try after frying? But that posed a challenge, the printing to be done when it is scorching hot, & on each separately.

Nope, long-drawn process.

P&G embraced the open-innovation platform, wrote and shared the problem statements with the world. A professor from Italy had a solution. He had custom made equipment to design on cakes in the bakery.

So, what is Leadership Personal Branding?

Identify and showcase ‘who you are as a leader’ by defining and executing Leadership Personal Branding Strategy. Time to connect with our Master Coach, Suba Lakshminarasimhan.

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Personal Branding is all about understanding the science behind creating 'authenticity' in what you do, build an art by execute self-marketing strategies to achieve sustainable growth.

Suba Lakshminarasimhan Presented and Published a Research Paper on SPBQ

Topic : Personal Branding and Self Marketing strategies for Women Leaders in Corporate ” – Presented a research paper on this topic at the International Marketing Conference, MARKCON2020 , Indus Business Academy.

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