SVEP – SLN Vision Execution Program

What is this program about?

SLN’s Personal Branding Quotient Program, an integrated and intensive Framework, to enhance the personal branding quotient for working professionals and entrepreneurs by executing a sustainable career/business growth framework. The coaches/mentees and trainees achieve success in their career by developing and implementing practical self-marketing techniques.

Who should attend?

  • 1st to 4th year Engineering Students
  • 1st & 2nd year MBA/PGDM/Management students

How does this work?

  • Individual Coaching Session – In-Person as well as Online
  • Group Session – Class Room Model or Webinars
  • Engineering Colleges/B Schools – Class Room Model or Video Conference or both

What are the benefits?

  • Define their Vision leading conscious learning process during academic years
  • Crystalized and Customised Career planning Strategy –designing, developing and executing the framework
  • Build Growth Mind-set
  • Exposure to Corporate culture, shadowing opportunities
  • Clarity on continuous learning, upskilling/cross-skilling that majorly helps in the right investment
  • Build self-leadership abilities that help in conscious, sustainable personal & professional growth
  • Entrepreneurial Mentoring
Research Paper Presented :
Topic : “ “Building Vision Skill – A Single ‘Upskilling’ attribute that enables numerous Employability & Leadership Skills in the Community of First-Year Engineering Students in India” at the ICIREMS 2019, New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore.
Industry Facts : AICTE reports more significant concern on the employability skills of the Engineering students, the employability report from Aspiring Minds cautions that 80% of engineers are unfit for the jobs in India.

Research questions:

  1. What are the critical reasons for engineering students struggling to adapt to the changing business environment and technological interventions?
  2. Why is the employability of engineering students limited in spite of being put through several corporate ready programs?
This research paper on SVEP Framework connecting with Engineering Students presented by Suba received accolades and appreciations.