“ Suba is such a knowledgeable coach. She brings a world of knowledge to her craft and has supported in developing and executing my business strategy. The coaching sessions helped in planning well, prioritizing right and optimizing time and managing related stress. I would highly recommend her! ”

Dina Callahan

Masters Clinical Psychology

“Suba is a dedicated professional who works with Zeal and Passion. Here SLN Brand Studio has been built by her from scratch and is helping many people understand and project their Value. I have had the opportunity of working with Suba in a programme called Pro Lead Plus where she showed her commitment to learning and sharing, and in the process also confirmed her ability to effectively close out whatever she puts her mind to. I have also watched he closely as one of the leaders in #TILT (The India Leadership Thinktank), and am impressed with ability to be a wonderful team player or leader as required. Her intention to help others and shower praise is what makes her a go-to person to many. I wish her, and her Studio the best as she continue to add value to others.”

Ian Faria

Founder, Owner at SOLUTIONZ-IN

"I have worked with Suba on projects, attended career guidance sessions with her. Indeed Suba is a great leader, mentor, guide, and problem solver. I have seen her as a calm listener, also when she speaks it brings a lot of rationale, clarity and breaks many illusions that too in the most simplified style people can comprehend easily. Her positive, cool style of handling conversations is something to be adopted. Suba strengthened and imbibed the attitude of building your own brand, also helped me rewire my thinking process like a potential leader. My ability to be an achiever in my endeavors has gone many folds since my engagements with her.
Thanks, Suba once again."

Harpreet Kaur

“Suba Ma'am is really welcoming, and I had the impression that she was someone who could understand me without passing judgment. These ICF coaching sessions have aided me in coping with issues that I experience regularly. I've become more self-aware as a result of these sessions. I believe I have a better understanding of how to cope with various circumstances now. I used to be really self-conscious about myself, but now I understand my abilities and the direction in which I can channel my energy, I am more confident. After these sessions, I experienced a boost in self-esteem which helped me work on the goals I had before commencing these sessions. Thanks a lot ma'am, for being so kind and supportive.”

Anchal Pandey

Operations and infrastructure planning head and QMS Manager at Shaastra, IIT Madras

“Suba Ma'am is a person who has really changed my perception of various aspects of life in such a short span of time. I don't think the word "coach" is enough to describe the perfection and the engagement that she brings into her sessions. She makes sure that her client's goal is hers too and takes active interest in everything that she does. To describe her in a few words, she is understanding, lively, well-versed and efficient. She's definitely one among the most inspiring people I've met so far!”

Sanjana Anand

"I attended Suba's Personal Branding coaching program . She has a perfect mix of empathy and professionalism as well has a wealth of knowledge & enthusiasm in her coaching. The insights she provided on personal branding were great and the delivery made it exciting. What I appreciate the most about our sessions was she would always push me to think deeper and harder for myself . She is a 'go to' person for personal branding. Thank you so much Suba."

Tabassum Khan

VP - CRES MI CoE Lead, Data Scientist, COO Strategy & Transformation, Artist by passion

"Suba Ma’am is a wonderful coach, who was really understanding and empathetic. I knew that I had issues that I needed to work on, but only after the coaching sessions with Suba ma’am, was I able to find what I needed to do and get more clarity on my strengths and weaknesses. I was able to learn things about myself from a new and better perspective after the coaching sessions. Definitely would recommend everyone to try out coaching and especially nominate Suba ma’am as your preferred coach. And, finally, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to her for helping me out in my journey of self-discovery and career selection. Thanks a lot, ma’am."

Rajeshwaran Ravi

“As an educationist, I have been conducting multiple programs benefitting children for over a decade now. When I was thinking on how to bring all these in one place, I came to know about Suba and I attended her 'Personal Branding' coaching program. She is a great coach to work with who has transformed my professional life to a different level.
Every minute of her session added value to my career, personal and business growth. Her patience and motivational sessions pushed me to think deeper and made me look at my career in a different perspective. It was a well organised and structured program and her approach was professional, creative and we were able to connect with each other quickly. After every session, I get to brainstorm lot of aspects in the field of education which aided me in adding value to my services. Her simple and practical suggestions helped me not only analyse my long-term and short-term goals but also assisted me in documenting it. Now I am effectively and efficiently be able to target my audience and her sessions guided me to become a better communicator. All the sessions were interactive and the insights she conferred on the value of personal branding has a greater impact in my career growth. I would highly recommend Suba for those who are looking for Personal Branding..”

Saraswathy Janakiraman

“When you are sitting with Suba, you won’t even realize that you are with a powerhouse of knowledge. Our in-house personal branding expert, most active person of our community with a golden heart”

Neha Agarwal

Lead, LeanIn A2I

“Suba shares her wisdom on personal branding, making a winning formula to the community. Having attended her session, I found it to be extremely valuable, unique, intuitive and long-term oriented.”

Venkat Kumaresan

Assistant Vice President, Strategic Support, Exela Technologies

"Suba led the Lean In circle for Personal Branding. As a part of the circle I got the chance to know her and experience her unique leadership style. She came up with very interesting activities to help the group build a strong personal brand online. Her leadership style focuses on “taking Action” but also gives equal amount of importance to “meticulous planning”. Like a true leader she inspired everyone to be authentic in every activity and handle roadblocks. She is an empathetic leader with very high EQ which differentiates her from many others. I wish Suba all the best for her future endeavours. Keep growing girl."

Sucharita Pradhan


"Suba is an excellent Personal Branding Mentor, approachable & warm. In her 3-month workshops, she leads many professionals, with diverse backgrounds & goals, together successfully towards establishing their personal & professional presence. She necessarily passes on her Authentic Leadership Qualities & Encourages ample demonstration & fine-tuning of inherent skills of all participants. She successfully led us all, towards deep introspection on discovering & exploring our unique differentiators. Her suggestions are precise, honest, simple to execute, demands commitment! These have made a huge difference in my approach to my perspective on personal branding. Loved working with Suba. I recommend Suba, when discovering and improving your personal brand, interests you."

Shilpa Krishna Rao

internal Audit

"Suba Lakshminarasimhan was the leader for the Lean in Leadership Personal Branding workshop. She led the team of women professionals through a series of exercises that helped us become self-aware and help us craft our personal branding statement. I am impressed with her communication skills, facilitation skills and creativity. Pleasure connecting with you Suba"

Smitha Shetty

Corporate Leader

“Personal Branding” was a completely new term for me. I interacted with Ms Suba when she was nominated for a premiere award; I got introduced to the concept of Personal Branding in a very interesting and a delightful manner. Being a scientist for more than five years, I never realized my achievements and accomplishments and how to leverage them. Working with her, gave me a lot of insights about fine-tuning a personality, the importance of documentation and presentation. Suba is a great listener, very focused, patiently takes questions and works on them tactfully. She provides more than 100% effort to every single task she does."

Gaanappriya Mohan

Scientific Research

"Suba and I are the members in Lean-In A2I Circle for Women Leaders. A soft spoken and helpful person she is. She has arranged and organized few sessions on Personal Branding for the members in the Circle and those are impactful. Then one day, I reached out to Suba asking for help in one of her expertise, which is Resume Writing. She is quick at completing her task and delivered the resume before I expected. She values time and money. Something that impressed me about her is that she is very organized, well planned and calculative. She briefs well about what and when to expect in which order to keep the complexities at bay. A great professional! Miles to go Suba and keep achieving!"

Pinky Verma

IT Sales & Bussiness

"A great motivator, a kind soul and an exemplary thought leader is how I would define Suba. Her session that I attended was visually simple & crisp but thought provoking and here lies the genius of her effectiveness. We are also part of the same LeanIn communities and her enthusiasm is very contagious. Highly recommended as a personal branding coach & guide."

Manashi Ganguly

IT Sales & Bussiness

"I have known Suba through a Peer Leadership Network Community called The India Leadership Think Tank. As a member of my team, I have seen the incredible value that Suba lends to each community and Circle of Influence she is a part of. More as a Giver, Suba lends value to every person she connects with. A very Humble, Down to Earth and Practical Influencer, SUBA is an embodiment of Quiet Leadership. Always ready to help, recommend and inspire others to create a better version of themselves. Its been a sheer learning opportunity to work with SUBA and I hope to continue collaborating with her in the days to come"

Sourish B Ghosh