How often do you Re-define & Re-brand yourself?




The moments, people and experiences define and re-define ourselves

Here’s New Avatar of SLN Brand Studio – Almost a year’s project that came ‘Live’ this week!

Did you look at the Video unveiling New Avatar of SLN Brand Studio? If not, watch it first, please.

This few seconds Video has an authentic story of around 15 years.

Yes, I wanted to create a new Identity for SLN Brand Studio at the beginning of 2019 as I re-defined the services completely. As many projects were ‘in progress,’ wanted to finish off before closing ‘Business Writing’ vertical; moved on after a smooth transition.

I must thank Archana from my web designing firm, Webbazaar for continuous support. Many timely & practical suggestions by Archana are the key reasons I am a loyal client to Webbazaar. The second critical aspect is the continued support I receive from the design & development team, currently Stella and Yamini. Kudos to your leadership Shweta Shetty.

The awards and research paper presentations happening along the way, I kept the conversation going with many designers.

There is nothing sweeter than finding the right person to cherish and to share your hopes and dreams with ? Mary Lydon Simonsen, The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy

At a crucial moment, thanks to Kavitha Garla, my friend & an excellent Mentor, a casual conversation led to connecting with an amazing designer. Yes, a very young, highly creative designer with appropriate Business Acumen, Raphaella Peters understood my vision, the values SLN Brand Studio has been adding to the clients and came up with the beautiful Logo. Thank you, Raphaella.

Highly recommend Raphaella for any branding collateral creation.

My gratitude to Viji Badri, Roopa Sampathkumar, Madhava Venkatesh, Sourish Ghosh, my Nephew, Niece and many friends & clients for sharing their thoughts on Iterations which helped me to fine-tune the new logo.

(Sub) Conscious Thoughts —-> Words —–> Experiences

It is not only the conscious thoughts but also the subconscious mind has higher power. This is a concluding thought of my reflection of life in 2009 – 2019.

Words Power

Recognition Changes the Way You look at Yourself

Harini Ramarathnam Nominated you for HerRising Award.’ It was a mail from Jobsforher on Jul 8th 2019 took a different turn in my Entrepreneurship journey. Neha Bagaria is one leader I look up to; Jobsforher is an entity I closely observed as they elevate the lives of career women. A journey to recognise a ‘different me’ and validation to many things that I had been doing started on that day. Harini transformed the way I looked at my success & growth. My gratitude Harini! A single share on social media led to flooding of mails, messages from across the globe, from my clients, well wishers and all the good hearts around kept my eyes moisturized the entire duration. My LeanIn community has a huge contribution here in the journey, voting process and finally, winning an Award. My Gratitude Harini, Neha Agarwal, Pranavi, Vaishali, Rashmeet, Ruchi, Swapna, Shruti, and many from my LinkedIn connects, FB connects, the community I live in…..the list is endless…..A group of women leaders cheering up loudly while I received the award and my family along with me. Great Moment Indeed!

Within few months, on 13th October, I received a message from my friend Manju, “Suba, you should nominate for this award.” The forwarded link took me to the registration form from for Digital Women Award. Answering the questions in that form was something I took up very seriously, introspection the journey time again. Waking up to tagging SLN Brand Studio on their FB post was yet another exciting day of 2019. Yes, I was one of the 50 shortlisted candidates! I just quickly had a word with my husband and booked my tickets to Delhi to be a part of the Conference; I didn’t think much about winning the award but didn’t want to miss an opportunity of meeting many women Entrepreneurs. When I heard my name announced as a Award Winner in ‘Marketing’ category, overwhelmed with joy and pride. Missed having my family along, but super happy to have a very good human being and a friend, Sambhavi with me.

Let me now take you through the journey a little back, to the start……

Phase I – While choosing the avatar, as a Resume & Content Writer in 2009, I had three critical elements in mind.  I should be able to (1) keep learning & growing (2) bring in relevance to my TCS experience (3) be in touch with the Industry.

That’s it. I had no other goal of becoming an Entrepreneur or having an entity then. But, , I had a name ‘SLN Global Writing Services’ while building my profile in any online platforms. Still wondering why I did this, beyond merely using my name?? Is it my sub-conscious mind or the good thought from people in my life? Guess, it is both…..

Here, I must thank Sudharsan; he replied with a list of questions as a response to my first mailer. Answering him at that point of time helped in defining the career plan accurately. His Trust & feedback was a tremendous boost then!

Phase II – Later, in 2010-11, when I started focusing on creating awareness and building clientele in India around ‘Resume Building’ vertical, I changed the name to ‘SLN Resume Design Pro.’ As I recall, I just spent 30 minutes of choosing this name, followed by two hours of creating a logo. India, as my target market led to doing a research on using Orange & Green in Logo. The descriptions such as ‘Powerful’ ‘Growth’ ‘Identity’ aligned very well with the Vision & Mission I had then, created a Logo using PPT.

SLN Brand Studio - Logo

Man, it was one Eureka moment when I finished designing the Logo, just with S in Orange & Green but didn’t share it anywhere.

Phase III – Along with adding value to the career growth of many individuals, the business and health-related challenges also grew. As I had taken up ‘Career Coach & Trainer’ role in 2013, a feeling of ‘missing something’ was growing strong as well and met its peak in 2015.

Phase IV – ‘Introspection’ was the only solace as I had restriction attending networking events or long hour meetings due to health reasons until 2014. Such moments are filled with doing many online courses, writing articles and studying books on ‘Business, People & Management.’ Such process led to identifying the ‘Personal Branding Strategist’ in me. A quick interaction with Chithra Kannan over a cup of steaming coffee at her house led to the birth of ‘SLN Brand Studio’ in 2016.

Meeting Archana, having my website up followed by registering as LLP, and rest is a Known Story.

Finally, New Logo is up…….

The moments, people and experiences define and re-define one…..Agree?

More Phases, People & their contributions as my experiences……..coming SOON……STAY TUNED……