Maximum Human Potential – a Myth?

“The Curry leaves is known as the best friend of Lemon, Suba. The best companions support each other to grow.” I was surprised when my friend Surya shared a lot of information on how individual plants help each other to grow when they are grown together. She had kept the pots in a way enabling connection between these two plants. Surya is a very creative person, founder & artisan at The Sunny Doorway Project


Immediately after coming home, I settled to do more research here. Reading articles and blogs further surprised me to see that some plants do not go well if placed together. What does it mean here? Placing two different plants – bad companions – will spoil the growth. Individually these plants benefit the earth in different ways. But, together, for various reasons, adversely influence the growth of each other.

I have a small garden where I spend my ‘me time’; my mom used to nurture the plants by talking to them as if they were her friends.

Isn’t it amazing to observe the dependency all these beings have on each other? Not only what to do but also what not to do!

I always observe people & behaviour, especially whenever I am in a crowded situation. I also used to have a ‘guessing game’ to see if one behaves as I perceive. I have seen people perceived as loners enjoying listening to the conversations in-depth and the ‘so-called’ jolly-good extroverts reacting ‘sensitive’ nature towards small things!

Negative Network….Lets find a synonym!

Also, got me thinking. I am somehow not able to comprehend when I hear anyone saying to avoid Negative relationships.

How can we label someone as ‘negative’?

The personality traits, belief system and biases can make or break any relationship, right?

Negative PeopleReference: Quotes

The lock-down period led me to observe the behaviour on social media.

The first thing I noticed in the initial few days is the increased workload on those professionals working from home. I also wrote about how management should take care of the emotional needs of the employees. The employees were asking HR to take care of this situation, but I felt it is more to do with the decision-makers than mere HR professionals.

The real testing time for the leaders and the decision-makers. Not sure whether the situation has a direct connection, two different leaders from different entities had a cardiac arrest and died.

That made me feel sad and sympathies the families; all these leaders are also human beings.

Human Potential

So, there is a limit to ‘Maximum Capacity’ too…. Isn’t it?

Got me introspecting more on “Maximum Potential of Human Being” and the dependency we need to create towards technology. Let’s see how best we can embrace technology to utilise ‘human potential’ without getting ‘cardiac arrest.’

It is high time to understand why ‘Empathy’ and ‘Emotional Intelligence’ are the critical attributes that we must acquire and become an expert.

Let it start from ‘not beating ourselves too hard’ and developing ‘self-awareness.’

Be it half or full plate…..Let’s learn to chew right!

So, Utilizing Maximum Human Potential, is it a boon or bane? What do you think?

About the Author:

Suba 25 (2)Suba Lakshminarasimhan is a personal branding strategist and a career coach. The founder of SLN Brand Studio,  Suba has been supporting the professional growth of individuals by creating a growth path and executing strategy road map. Along with SMEs, she shares her experiences and learning through blogs in ‘Words of Wisdom’ website.

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  1. Loved it where you say it’s not about collecting cards, but about nurturing. In that sense,”networking” is actually “connecting”. Nicely written.

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