Mosquito Memory: Human Potential and Authentic Personal Branding

“Suba, I need to improve my memory skill. I think I forget many things nowadays. I am concerned that it could spoil while executing the personal branding strategies we create here.”

When a client shared it yesterday morning post-Personal Branding consulting session, we started discussing on how work is dominating our time and life. He is a C-Suite aspirant from the IT industry. I shared the speed reading techniques I have been acquiring that helps in keeping the memory skill intact.

The day went on……As I needed some inputs on Audio-books, raised a query in my LeanIn A2I circle group. Neha’s response raised my research antenna up….what did she mention?

Mosquito Memory…..

I started reading a lot on this. Health line article mentioned that researchers recorded the brain activities by setting helmets on mosquitoes.

How on earth could they have done that? The human potential always amazes me!

I have observed mosquitoes biting a group of people more. The researches continue to study the chemical combinations in the human odour that attracts mosquitoes so that they can find the right control measure. Mosquitos can identify the difference in the odour emanated by women, men, drunkard and all. Beer drinkers attract more. Researchers are identifying the pattern here; finding the preferences will help controlling mosquitos.

Interesting, isn’t it?

So, what is the learning, for us, human beings here?

I have been learning Kathak, Indian classical dance form, for the past two years. Learning along with 13 years olds is indeed a fantastic experience. Also, it made me realize how tough it had become to memorize the ‘Bol’ and relevant hand & leg movements. It took me a few months to understand absolute basics like identifying the changes in the tempo, etc., I let it go with the flow thinking that it is all to do with gracefully ageing.

Improving Memory Skill

When I took some effort in learning and practicing more with a goal to get better, I could grasp everything within a few weeks. That is also the time I had read relevant content in the book Get Better at Getting Better’ by Chandramouli Venkatesan, realized that I had to change my learning style to get better every day.

Few things that I have been doing to keep my memory skill intact

Repossession: In an attempt to create stories from my personal experience to share with my audience during the training session, I work hard to bring back memories from different phases of my life. I have reconnected with many from old days which has strengthened my network too.

Detailed Recording: Whenever I get an opportunity, I write things in detail. I encourage my clients by writing detailed reports after each interaction. Some blogs too, at times, it is good to write and publish things for our happiness beyond attracting the audience, Right?

Mindful Reflection: As I complete each task, consulting session, training or workshops for clients, I consciously evaluate and reflect what made me feel happy and where I should improve significantly. As we do more ‘Live’ sessions, ‘undoing’ certain things would be really tough. Learning to take a pause, reflect and ensure that I incorporate the corrective actions well. Here, listening to others feedback and thin slicing the information helps hugely. As I do this exercise with depth, it automatically helps in improving memory skill.

More to come…..

How do you improve your memory skill? Share in comments

About the Author:

Suba Lakshminarasimhan is a personal branding strategist and a career coach. The founder of SLN Brand Studio,  Suba has been supporting the professional growth of individuals by creating a growth path and executing strategy road map. Along with SMEs, she shares her experiences and learning through blogs in ‘Words of Wisdom’ website.