Sangeetha Arunachalam, Founder, Kadaiveedhi: A Facebook Group Admin turned an E-Commerce Entrepreneur to Support Mompreneurs

“Individual Commitment to a Group Effort –

That is what makes a Team Work

A Company Work

A Society Work

A Civilization Work”

Vince Lombardi

Ms. Sangeetha Arunachalam and her ‘Kadaiveedhi’ team stand as a perfect example of this words from Vince Lombardi. Ms. Suba Lakshminarasimhan interacted with Sangeetha, here’s the excerpt from the telephone interview.

Sangeetha Arunachalam 1

Few words from Suba to give a little background. ‘I still remember the day when my co-sister Pavithra, the Art Enthusiasts, added me in ‘Smart Mommies’ group on Facebook. My baby was a year old then. Initially, the group was just a few of us, new moms discussing baby-related issues, started sharing information on what we were doing, career options, businesses and all. Later, the group grew huge; along with, the business posts grew. That was when Sangeetha Arunachalam, the Chartered Accountant by profession, the admin of Smart Mommies group started another group to support Mompreneurs in the name of ‘SM Business Magnates (SMBM).’ Yes, I have personally witnessed the group growing where thousands of buyers and sellers interacting vigorously.’

How did the journey of SMBM lead to ‘Kadaiveethi,’ an E-commerce Portal? Let’s hear from Ms. Sangeetha Arunachalam, the brain and heart behind the venture.

“You have already briefed Suba,” chuckled Sangeeta as we were interacting over the phone, and continued, “I started a support group for moms on Facebook in 2013 when my daughter was born. A secret group aiming at discussing and addressing new moms and baby related queries. We became 40000 strong where many were selling various products and services.”

She continued, “I realized the impact of Moms and their ideas when many businesses flourished ONLY because of the peer support & guidance from the group. The aspiration and energy level among these sellers was amazing. Amidst my busy schedule of managing work, baby and family, a thought about doing something for all these aspiring women kept revolving in my mind. I started SMBM”

I paused the silent few minutes as I felt Sangeetha had gone into deep thought on the other side of our call.

“SMBM was running fine, but something was definitely missing. “After deliberating and discussing with few fellow moms, my technology partner Jayendhar of Unloc Ltd., and experienced players in the market, I realized the importance of embracing ‘Technology.’

I left my full-time job, and, the Journey of ‘Kadaiveethi’ began. All this was possible because of the app CXONCLOUD. The goal is to support Moms and help them to track their customer base, feedback, reviews, ratings, recommendation, and interactions. The Mompreneurs are effectively using the portal to convert the conversation into business.”

After sipping water, I asked, “You already had an Audience base. Was it easy for you to convert that into a Seller base on the portal?”

“Not exactly Suba, when we launched, most of my audience were small-time sellers who did not have much experience selling big. E-commerce was seen through ‘Magnifying Glass’ by many. Infact, this remains as a challenge still. By joining hands with other experts, I focus on creating awareness about the importance of using the technology well, keeping the clients engaged, converting feedback loops and client interaction into a business. We are steadily growing, but together.”

I could sense the satisfaction in her voice.

“Well, can you share about your journey from a full-time CA professional to an Entrepreneur? Any specific struggles that you faced and handled well?” I asked.

“I feel ‘Financial Independence’ is key for any human being to lead a contented life. It is even more important for women to earn irrespective of the Financial position of the family. When I witnessed the talented homemakers struggling to make money, and the impact of peer Support, I took the plunge. The thought of ‘Financial Independence for Mompreneurs’ motivates Kadaiveedhi team.”

Sangeetha Arunachalam 2

Sangeetha continued, “For the question about current struggle, it is definitely ‘Funding.’ Investing in technology, human resources, training and marketing efforts requires ‘Fund.’ The GST implementation for E-Commerce aggregators posed fresh challenges too. Beyond that, my team focuses on creating awareness among the sellers so that they can earn big by investing right. I am determined to bring changes in the lives of Mompreneurs.”

The sense of satisfaction prevailing, I thanked Sangeetha for sharing her experience and kept the phone down. 

“Coming together is a Beginning

Keeping together is progress

Working together is Success.”

SLN Brand Studio wishes Team ‘Kadaiveethi’ and Mompreneurs a Great Success!

About the Interview‘Words of Wisdom’ Interview with Ms Sangeetha Arunachalam is an initiative for ‘Women Contentment Program,’ a Mentoring program for women.

Ms. Suba Lakshminarasimhan, Founder director, SLN Brand Studio conducted the interview. Women Contentment Program (WCP) focuses on elevating the lives of Women by helping them create a new career, get back to the career after a break, develop Emotional & Social intelligence and build a Personal Brand.

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